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Slark Modified Cylinder Heads:

The cylinder heads in the SOR and SR ranges use valves, springs and bronze guides all developed and manufactured to our own design.

Cylinder Head Option  Pricing
The ultimate five port race cylinder head. 38.8mm, 37.5mm or 36mm inlet x 32mm, 31mm or 29mm exhaust valves. The exhaust valve is offset to accommodate the large valves with the effect that the exhaust port is straighter. The inlet ports are sleeved and repositioned for maximum flow. The inlet ports have sleeved pushrod holes
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Race or sprint head using 214N stainless 37.5mm inlet valve x 31mm offset exhaust valves. Bullet nosed valve guides, titanium caps, double valve springs, Designed for high rpm/power
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Race or sprint cylinder head using 214N stainless valves 36mm x 31mm exhaust valves are offset for a straighter exhaust flow and to give a wider area between inlet and exhaust valves, bullet nosed guides and titanium caps. Double valve springs. Use where maximum power and long term reliability are required in the most punishing circumstances
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For Turbo applications. Exhaust valve is offset giving straighter ports. Using 32mm exhaust and 36mm inlet valves. The chambers can be increased up to 30cc for lower compression. 214N valves, double valve springs and bullet guides used throughout
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Mini Miglia race spec head 36mmX31mm. Valves and springs our own design
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Mini 7 1000cc race spec head 36X31. Valves and springs our own design
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Based on the 12g940 casting Used extensively in 1000cc Sprite, Midget and Autograss racing. Fully ported and gas flowed and fitted with bullet nosed valve guides. Double valve springs, steel caps. Inlet pushrod holes are sleeved. Valves 214n size 35.7mm x 31mm
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For use primarily in rally situations using twin S.U carbs. Valves 214n sizes 35.7mm x 31mm inlet pushrod holes are sleeved
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A ‘fast road’ head, ported and gas flowed and fitted with 214n stainless valves 35.7mm x 31 mm exhausts for over-bored engines
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A ‘fast road’ head, ported and gas flowed and fitted with hardened valve seats to enable the use of unleaded fuel. Valve sizes 35.7mm x 29mm. Double valve springs and steel caps
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A ‘fast road’ head, ported and gas flowed and fitted with 35.7mm x 29mm valves Double valve springs and steel caps. Not unleaded unless an unleaded casting is supplied
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A ‘fast road’ head, ported and gas flowed using 33mm x 29mm valves. Gives a smooth and economical performance and can be used with unleaded fuel
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Std 1275 or 998 fully reconditioned cylinder head; painted, fitted with hardened unleaded inserts and new components throughout
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Please note all prices are based on a good serviceable exchange casting supplied to us either before or after the head is completed. A surcharge of £100 +VAT will apply if casting is not supplied.


We are now stocking a range of camshafts, which have been developed

with AC Dodd and are now used in our engines.

camshaft range

Please call or email for pricing and more information.


Recommended suppliers/products:

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Classic car exhaust systems


Burlen Fuel Systems




Retailer of classic SU and Zenith carburetters, fuel pumps and components

Mini Mail

MiniMail is a small independent supplier of classic Mini spares.


Slark Classic Restorations


We are a company with over 40 years experience and during this time we have gained extensive knowledge working with British Sports cars. Our particular specialties are Triumph TR’s and Classic Minis but this does not exclude any other marqué. Increasingly catering for the Motorsport market with race preparation and body repairs.


MED Engineering



MED’s Leicester based facility boasts a fine array of equipment and machinery, with a matching team of experienced engineers and sales personnel along with 30+ years of knowledge you can be reassured that you will be getting an exceptional service which is second to none. With a diverse range of customised products exclusively manufactured on the most modern CNC machinery, MED can offer you the very finest products and engine builds available today.



Not Just Minis! Call SRE to discuss...

SRE’s maybe renowned within the mini world, but we don’t just do minis. We welcome all other classics and some not so. Please call or email to discuss your individual requirements

Rolling Road Tuning & Engine Mapping

Power Runs, Problem Diagnosis and Engine Mapping. Hire available hourly or daily. Club Shootouts very welcome

Performance/Competition Cylinder Heads

Cylinder head resurfacing, repairs & reconditioning. Unleaded conversions. Valve seat cutting including custom angles. One off porting and machine work

Geometry & Suspension Setup

SRE carry out professional geometry & suspension setup for both road going and race. We handle adjustable suspension setup and offer corner weighting, camber & caster, tracking & wheel alignment, weight distribution